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  Is your organization looking for a unique way to raise money?

Here is an overview of how to get you started.

SUMMARY SHEET - To get started you will need to create a summary sheet where you can track names, number of plants, and total plants to be shipped.

SCHEDULING - This program works best with a fixed start, sales cut off, and finish (ship) dates.  Prior to the start of a "Living Lilies" fundraiser, you should have a thorough understanding with your supplier about scheduling pick up or delivery.  No-preordering commitment may be necessary.  For a complete explanation of the important steps in this program see, "Introducing Living Lilies to your Church".  Scheduling, Pricing, Pick Up and Delivery are all "must read" subjects that are covered. 

PRICING - Pricing is the key to building a successful fundraising campaign.  One of the choices you can make is the level of pricing  which may best reflect your congregations.  Your choice starts with a choice of plants.  The names we use here are only suggestions - we suggest using a name so that you can identify the plant sizes easily with all concerned.  All  costs listed are approximate.  Costs may vary from region to region and may also reflect scarcity or abundance  of plants in your area.  

"Witness Lily" - A single stem, 4 (plus) blossom plant will be approximately $5.00 per plant

"Trinity Lily" - Usually a triple stem, multiple blossom plant in a wrapped 8 1/2" pot and your cost may be around $14.  

Double check with your supplier to make sure plant costs include boxing and shipping to you.  (Boxing may be necessary to minimize plant damage, if plants are shipped over long distances.)

 Actual retail pricing covers a wide range: from around $8 (from Walmart or Costco style stores) to $45 and higher (from retail florists and online stores).  Along with the church or scout reason for this fund raising there are secondary reasons to encourage church members to participate.  We recommend that you point out that this is an alternative to taking the time to shop for a plant or as a relief from last minute shopping.

PRESENT VALUE, NOT DISCOUNTS - Because of the nature of "Living Lilies" as a fundraiser, trying to build sales by matching or discounting your plants to come close to the low price retailers  will lead to low profit margins with little money to show at the end of the campaign.  We would suggest you that you price the "Witness Lily" in the middle range: $15 - $25.  The "Trinity Lily" can be priced in a range of $25 - $45.  Regardless of cost, a rule of thumb to use is your sales price should be two to three times your cost of the plants.

   If your congregation believes in the reason for raising the funds then there will be little or no objection to a more generous support found with a higher price.  As an added incentive, any amount over the cost of the plant is tax deductible.  This can be a successful program and one that can be repeated year after year. 

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