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The Life of the Easter Lily

Living Lilies Fundraising

  First you can take advantage of our other web materials to explain some of the history of Easter Lilies and their care.  Our information will give you some suggestions about approaching your congregants.  It will give them a sense of the history and role of the Easter Lily.  You only need to supply the need: a new parish hall, funding an expanding education program, etc.  Instead of thinking about performing an obligation (go to the store and buy a plant) your church members will see "Living Lilies"  as a chance to help their church with badly needed fundraising.
   At Easter time, Easter Lily plants can be found on the altar and in many homes.   Most plants are purchased by Altar societies,  Religious Education Departments, or individuals from a variety of other sources.  Other groups, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, have also taken advantage of the Easter Lilies beauty and Easter role and created fund raising programs around them.
  What "Living Lilies" can offer is a "one stop" opportunity to raise a meaningful amount of money for any church or group activity.  Additionally your local supplier may be able to ship plants direct to your church or scout hall for personal pick up or delivery.

A unique Fundraising Event

Living Lilies Fundraisers