In Roman mythology the Easter Lily has been linked to Juno, the queen of the gods.  The story goes that while Juno was nursing her son, Hercules, excess milk fell from the sky.  Although part of it remained above the earth (thus creating the group of stars known as the Milky Way), the remainder fell to the earth, creating Lilies.

The Easter Lily - Roman Mythology

  For centuries, we have associated certain types of flowers with specific meanings and values.  We often use flowers as a way to express a particular sentiment of emotion.

The Easter Lily - Christianity

   The magnificent white Lily known to most as the Easter Lily has stood as a symbol for life, hope, and purity.  The Easter Lily is a biblical flower commonly associated with the resurrection of Christ.  In Christian tradition, the Easter Lily signifies rebirth and a new beginning.  because they rise from earthy graves as scaly bulbs, and bloom into majestic flowers.  It is said that while Jesus wept in the Garden of Gethsemane, wherever his tears fell beautiful White Lilies sprang up.  


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